At Wassail we strive to be stewards of the land, both those which we inhabit and those we care for.

We describe what we do as Land-care, rather than landscaping, as we feel this gives our clients a better idea of what our gardening approach is. Our aim is to foster deeper connections with both the built and natural environments, and to engage with our community through skill-sharing and knowledge exchanges.

HOrticulture & Landcare

Customized Maintenance for Homeowners, Fruit tree & Orchard care, Edible Gardens, Habitat Restoration, Pollinator Gardens

design, consults, & coaching

Permaculture Design, Landscape Sustainability Audits, Garden Coaching, Edible Landscape Design, and Master Plans

Education and community outreach

Horticultural Skill-Shares, Educational Workshops, Garden-Tours, Nature Immersion, Family Foraging Classes



Start Small,

Grow always

We are a small husband & wife team based in Kitsap County and we are committed to regenerating the land around us. Our focus is to utilize the whole systems of nature to encourage dynamic growth and health in your gardens and ours. We strive to create and maintain bio-diverse landscapes that provide food and medicine for humans, as well as a healthy habitat for all the other life forms involved. Our aim is to create beautiful and bountiful environments while enriching our community and working towards a vibrant and thriving future.


Why 'Wassail'?

Wassail comes from the Old English “was hal” meaning “be healthful” or “to your health”. The tradition of Wassailing is that of going to a person's house or garden and wishing them to be in “good health”. In the case of garden wassailing you are not only wishing the home-owner to be in good health, but the plants as well. Wishing for an abundance of blossoms and fruits, or for the restorative feeling that you get from spending time in your own garden oasis. Our aim is to nourish the good health of the land and plants around us, so Wassail to you!