Design, Consults, & Garden Coaching

Permaculture Design, Consulting, and Master Plans

Using Permaculture principles we design natural systems that work with nature, rather than against. These can include vegetable production, food forests, medicinal gardens, rain gardens, chickens, and so much more. We provide this service on residential as well as farm/commercial scale.

Edible Landscape Design and Consultation

This is a service provided to homeowners and families who wish to include edible plants into their gardens, with an eye towards delicious food and beautiful landscapes.

Landscape Sustainability Audits

Using our expertise in sustainable and ecological gardening practices, we can evaluate ways to make your landscape more sustainable- saving water, energy, and money.

Habitat Restoration & Consulting

Customized written Landscape Maintenance Documents

We identify the original intent of the design of your property, and make ecologically sound maintenance recommendations, that can be DIY for homeowners or used by professionals.

General Ecological Gardening Consultations

Personalized Garden Coaching & Instruction

This one-on-one instruction and hands-on learning of how to care for your own green-space. This service can be for the individual or family that’s eager to get their hands dirty.

Compost Education & On-site Nutrient Cycling

Holistic Pest Management