Education and Community Outreach

It's our passion to encourage a community of growth and understanding, and we believe that one of the best ways to achieve that is through nurturing connection to the natural world, not to mention the health and economic benefits of growing/foraging your own food and medicine! There's lots that we'd love to work with you on:

Horticultural Skill-shares & Educational Workshops

Compost Education

Seasonal Foraging and Wild Foods Workshops (available to teach for private parties of adults and/or kids as well)

Gleaning (Reducing waste and insect problems through collecting from over-producing fruit trees and either using the fruit or composting it)

Seed Collecting and Documenting

Garden Tours & Nature Immersion

Holistic Pest Management

Permaculture Workshops (General design principles, food forests, hugelkulture, etc.)



Our rates vary for the above services depending on size and scale of project/workshop. Please call or email us for specific pricing.


-We offer a work-with-me discount of 10% off services. This is for clients that want to work alongside Mark and share in a learning experience.

-We have a sliding pay-scale option for low-income families that are seeking edible gardens

-Lower rates for schools, playgrounds, or daycare facilities seeking edible or pollinator gardens

-If you are a part of a non-profit, please please please reach out! When we have the time, we love volunteering.

Please inquire if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you!